Secretaries Leiden Observatory

Secretariat available daily from 9:00-17:00 hrs

The secretariat is located in the Leiden Observatory on the 4th floor (Oort Building, West corridor) next to the offices of the Observatory Director and Institute Manager. The secretariat is managed by the Institute Manager.

Room 465

Email address:

We provide facility services and administrative support to the Leiden Observatory in general and you can contact us individually about the matters mentioned by our names. For all general requests please send an email:

Anita van der Tang
T: 071.527 8466
  • Deliveries
  • Colloquia
  • Addresses
  • LKBF
  • Keys
  • Tuesday weekly day off

Marjan Balkestein
T: 071.527 5737
  • Support HR
  • Support application rounds
  • Support PBC evaluation
  • Member social committee
  • Tuesday weekly day off

Liesbeth van der Veld
T:071.527 5833
  • Public Lectures
  • Member of Institute Council

Room 463

Coordinator secretariat:

Evelijn Gerstel (Institute manager)
T:071.527 8449
  • Manages the secretariat
  • Please contact in case of specific support, please email: