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Cover Annual Report 2000   The cover of the Annual Report 2000 shows NGC 4365, an elliptical galaxy located in the Virgo cluster, known to have a core and outer region that rotate around different axes. The striking kinematical structure is illustrated in this recent picture, obtained with the panoramic integral-field spectrograph SAURON in March 2000. The left panel shows the derived intensity of the star light. The right panel shows the stellar motions: blue indicates motion towards us and red indicates motion away from us: the main body of NGC 4365 rotates approximately around the projected major axis and the core rotates around the projected minor axis.

SAURON was constructed by a collaboration which involves groups in Leiden (de Zeeuw), Lyon (Bacon) and Durham (Davies). It is mounted on the 4.2m William Herschel Telescope on la Palma, and provides 1577 spectra in one exposure. SAURON is being used to observe a representative sample of 72 nearby ellipticals, lenticulars and spiral bulges, which, combined with state-of-the-art dynamical models, will provide virtually complete insight into motions of stars of these galaxies.

Editors: H. Röttgering, Y. Slegtenhorst, K. Kol, R. Meijerink
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