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Cover Annual Report 2001   The cover of the Annual Report 2001: False-color composite image of HST Deep Field South combining the deepest-ever ISAAC VLT near-infrared observations with an HST WFPC2 image. The images were smoothed to a seeing of FWHM ~0.46", using WFPC2 I814 as blue, ISAAC Js as green and ISAAC Ks as red. Some of the faint high-redshift sources are large in the observed NIR and resemble local spiral galaxies. Other galaxies, visible as red sources, are extremely faint in the optical and would be missed by traditional selection criteria. Work by Franx and Labbé, see Chapter 2 of this report.

Editors: F. P. Israel, J. Lub, J. Drost, I. Labbé, R. Meijerink, R. Overzier, M. Zaal

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