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Onderzoeksinstituut "Sterrewacht Leiden"
Research Institute "Leiden Observatory"

Annual Report 1998

The newly discovered low-surface-brightness spiral galaxy 'Cepheus I' at 6 Mpc. Discovered by Burton, Braun(NFRA), Walterbos(NMSU) and Hoopes(NMSU) in the data of the Leiden/Dwingeloo survey of Galactic Hydrogen.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
University of Leiden
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
The Netherlands

During the course of a search for compact, isolated gas clouds moving with anoma lous velocities in or near our own Galaxy, Burton, Braun (NFRA), Walterbos (NMSU ) and Hoopes (NMSU) have discovered in the data of the Leiden/Dwingeloo survey o f Galactic Hydrogen the signature of a large galaxy. Deep multicolor and spectroscopic optical observations at the Apache Point Obser vatory, as shown on the cover, indicate the presence of star formation in scatte red H-II regions. Interferometry at the DRAO confirms that the galaxy is rich in H-I and has the r otation signature of a spiral galaxy. The combined evidence support classification of the new galaxy as a low-surface- brightness spiral. The newly discovered galaxy, called Cepheus 1, resides in our cosmic background at a distance of 6 Mpc. It is amongst the nearest few LSB spi rals, and amongst the largest dozen galaxies on the sky. (Astrophysical Journal 117, 194-201)

Leiden Observatory