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2018-11-0111:00Colloquium Karin Öberg
(Harvard-Smithsonian Canter for Astrophsyics)
Chemistry of Planet Formation
2018-11-0811:00Colloquium Eve Ostriker
(Princeton University)
Radiation feedback and the dispersal of cluster-forming molecular clouds
2018-11-1511:00Colloquium Ana Bonaca
(Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophsyics)
Uncovering the nature of dark matter with stellar streams in the Milky Way (NOVA colloquium)
12:50LunchTalk Russell Smith
Low-redshift gravitational lenses and the Initial Mass Function in elliptical galaxies
2018-11-2211:00Colloquium Robin Garrod
(University of Virginia)
New simulations and observations of highly-complex molecules in star-forming regions (NOVA colloquium)
12:50LunchTalk Ryan Ridden-Harper
The K2: Background Survey and uncovering a WZ Sge star in K2
12:50LunchTalk Peter McLeish
An Art & Science Collaboration based on Red Sprites
2018-11-2911:00Colloquium Samaya Nissanke
(University of Amsterdam)
Follow the chirp: Seeing and listening to the violent Universe with compact object mergers

11-02 16:30 11-02 17:15De SitterzaalOwn Observatory Seminar
11-26 12:30 11-26 13:30414Own Staff lunch
11-05 12:45 11-05 13:30414Own Meeting Education Committee BSc
11-14 09:00 11-16 17:00Museum Volkenkunde / Duinrell WassenaarOwn PhD introductory event
11-23 09:00 11-23 17:00HuygensOwn Proefstuderen
11-20 10:00 11-20 10:45Own PhD defense Chris Barber
11-05 09:00 11-09 17:00Boerhaave MuseumOwn Henk van de Hulst Symposium
11-01 12:30 00-00Academy BuildingOwn PhD Defense Sascha Zeegers

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