STRW local: Colloquia


A Synergy between Solar System and Exoplanets

Date: 27-03-2019
Time: 15:30 h
Author: Yamila Miguel

We are in a unique time to study planets. In recent years, missions like Cassini and Juno have led to paradigm-shifting discoveries, that greatly improved our knowledge of the giants in our solar system. In addition to this data, we have an astonishing number of more than 3000 exoplanets that have been discovered in the last 25 years. Each new exoplanet highlights a stunning diversity and impacts the perception and understanding of our own solar system. This large amount of information obtained from exoplanets needs to be combined with the detailed data we are getting from the planets in our solar system to learn more about the interior processes, atmospheres and formation of planets in general, and to determine how unique our solar system may be. In this colloquium, I will present the recent advances we’ve made in our understanding on the interiors of the giant planets in our solar system and present the plans to future research on this area as well as to how to apply this knowledge to exoplanets, creating a synergy and linking the astrophysics observables with the atmospheres and interiors of exoplanets, to facilitate the interpretation of current and future observations and relate them with their origins.