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Fueling Star Formation

The haloes of spiral galaxies connect their inner disks to the inter galactic medium. Additionally they can serve as reservoirs of baryonic matter that can replenish the the star forming gas in the discs of galaxies. However, these haloes are extremely hot with cooling times similar to a Hubble time. Recent modelling shows that the cold gas in the halo, expelled by star formation in the disc, can serve as an catalyser in cooling down the hot halo. This makes the disc-halo connection a crucial element in understanding galaxy evolution and the continued star formation in spiral galaxies. Up to now research in this field has focussed on spiral galaxies, in which extra-planar cold gas has been observed regularly. However, in the last decade it has become clear that many that Early Type Galaxies (ETGs) also contain significant fractions of HI as well as star formation. As the star formation history of ETGs is significantly different from spiral galaxies they provide an excellent opportunity to study the disc-halo connection from a completely new angle. One such ETG, ESO 92-G021, has been found to have a comparatively high rate of star formation and an extended, regular HI disk. In order to study whether this galaxy contains extra-planar neutral hydrogen we have obtained deep observations with the Australia Telescope Compact Array. Through a detailed analysis of the HI distribution in this galaxy I will show the presence of "beard" gas in this galaxy and will discuss the impact on star formation scenarios.


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