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The origin of diverse alpha-element abundances in galaxy discs

Spectroscopic surveys of the Galaxy reveal that its disc stars exhibit a spread, or even a bimodality, in alpha abundance ([alpha/Fe]) at fixed iron abundance ([Fe/H]). The origin of these diverse stellar populations is not well understood. I will discuss a new study in which we explore the abundance evolution of Milky Way-like galaxies in the EAGLE simulations, and find that bimodality similar to that seen in the Galaxy is rare, appearing in only 5% of our sample. Bimodal [alpha/Fe] distributions arise in galaxies whose gas accretion histories exhibit episodes of significant infall at both early and late times, with the former fostering more intense star formation than the latter. The shorter characteristic consumption timescale of gas accreted in the earlier episode suppresses its enrichment with iron synthesised by Type Ia supernovae, resulting in the formation of an alpha-rich sequence. We posit that the rarity of bimodal sequences is a consequence of an early gas accretion episode requiring the mass accretion history of a galaxy's dark matter halo to exhibit a phase of unusually rapid growth at early epochs. This rarity may also indicate that the Milky Way's elemental abundance patterns, and its accretion history, are not representative of the broader population of ~L* disc galaxies.


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