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Lunch Talks

The Metal-THINGS survey

The gas recycling process in galaxies is very poorly understood even though it is fundamental to how galaxies assemble their mass and evolve. Indeed, some of the biggest questions in the star formation process are still open: it is not completely understood what dominant process is controlling the rate at which gas in a galaxy converts to stars, the mass distribution of the resulting stars (or initial mass function, IMF), and how these aspects affect the evolution of galaxies. Additionally, the star formation processes in galaxies can be strongly affected by galactic winds (outflow), accretion of gas into the galaxy (inflow), environment (e.g. galaxies living in isolation, in groups or clusters), and mergers. With that aim, I have designed and I am leading the Metal-THINGS survey, which is obtaining Integral Field Spectroscopy of a unique sample of nearby galaxies. Our galaxies are based on the The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey (THINGS, Walter et al. 2008), which observed 34 nearby and large angular size galaxies in radio wavelengths with the Very Large Array (VLA), obtaining high spatial and spectral resolution HI data. One of the main characteristics of the THINGS galaxies is that they have spatially well-resolved data across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from X-rays to radio. Metal-THINGS will fill the currently missing, optical spectroscopic observational gap for these galaxies by providing thousands of spatially-resolved spectra. In combination with the resolved multiwavelength information, this will enable the high precision studies required to constrain the main drivers in the evolution of galaxies.


Unless announced otherwise, the lunch talks start at 12:50 sharp. The approximate duration of the lunch talk is given above, and additional time will be given for questions and discussion following the presentation. Please make sure that you take ample time to pick up your lunch beforehand.

Information for Speakers and Hosts: Talks are limited to 25 minutes, with 5 additional minutes for questions. Hosts are responsible for bringing the speaker to the correct room in ample time to set up laptops etc., and for ensuring the speaker also has time for lunch.

For questions and/or suggestions concerning the lunch talks, please contact Themiya Nanayakkara () or Alvaro Hacar ()).