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Lunch Talks

Highlights from 7 years on the ROAD (Remote Observatory Atacama Desert)

After several tries at different places to set up a remote observatory, the ultimate destination has been found in San Pedro de Atacama at Alain Maury’s place called Spaceobs. Since its start on August, 1, 2011 the Remote Observatory Atacama Desert (ROAD) has produced tons of data due to the exceptional weather conditions in the Atacama dessert. The hard and software which is used is off the shelf. A 40cm optimized Dall Kirkham (ODK) from Orion Optics, UK is the workhorse riding on a DDM85 direct drive mount from ASA (AstroSysteme Austria). The CCD is an ML16803 from FLI equipped with Astrodon UBVRI photometrical filters. Analysis of the images is done with the LesvePhotometry program written by Pierre de Ponthierre, an amateur astronomer from Lesve, Belgium. Further software packages in use are Maxim DL for image acquisition and CCDCommander for automatisation. From the start the focus was on pro-am collaborations and a few examples will be highlighted during the presentation. Most of the data are shared with VSNET in Kyoto, Japan, the Centre of Backyard Astrophysics (CBA), USA and several professional astronomers. Also most of those data are accessible from the AAVSO database (AAVSO user code: HMB). The past years have been very fruitful and resulted in more than 65 publications, including one in Nature, with co-authorship which can be found on ARXIV using in the search box my last name.


Unless announced otherwise, the lunch talks start at 12:50 sharp. The approximate duration of the lunch talk is given above, and additional time will be given for questions and discussion following the presentation. Please make sure that you take ample time to pick up your lunch beforehand.

Information for Speakers and Hosts: Talks are limited to 25 minutes, with 5 additional minutes for questions. Hosts are responsible for bringing the speaker to the correct room in ample time to set up laptops etc., and for ensuring the speaker also has time for lunch.

For questions and/or suggestions concerning the lunch talks, please contact Themiya Nanayakkara () or Alvaro Hacar ()).