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Lunch Talks

Chemistry within clumpy AGB outflows

Asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars contribute significant amounts of gas and dust to the interstellar medium. These stars lose their outer envelope through a stellar wind, which creates an extended circumstellar envelope (CSE). An active chemistry takes place within these CSEs, forming both molecules and dust. The chemistry in the outflow of an AGB star is dominated by its C/O abundance ratio. For C-rich stars, no O-rich species are expected in the inner wind since oxygen is locked up in CO, and vice versa for O-rich stars. However, several of these unexpected molecules have been detected. Non-equilibrium chemistry in the inner wind, caused by shocks due to the pulsating AGB star, can in most cases explain their existence and abundance. An alternative mechanism is the penetration of harsh UV photons in a non-uniform outflow. In a non-uniform or "clumpy" outflow, interstellar UV photons can reach the formerly shielded inner wind and break up CO. Using a porosity formalism, we have taken a clumpy density distribution into account by modifying the optical depth of the outflow. The formalism also allows us to include the effects of the relative overdensity of the clumps, making the model unique. I will talk about the results of our parameter study on effects of a clumpy outflow on its chemistry. We find that our results can explain the existence of certain species in the inner wind and add to the results of the non-equilibrium models.


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