STRW local: PhD Colloquia

PhD Colloquia

This week's PhD colloquia are highlighted.

10/0911:00HL414Eleonora Zari
Surveying young stars with Gaia: Orion and the Solar neighbourhood.
11:15HL414Tommaso Marchetti
Hunting for the fastest stars in the Milky Way.
17/0911:15HL414Andrej Dvornik
The Galaxy–Dark Matter Connection: A KiDS Study
24/0911:15HL414Sebastiaan Haffert
The Leiden Exoplanet Instrument
01/1011:15HL414Arthur Bosman
Uncovering the ingredients for planet formation
11:15HL414Merel van t Hoff
Chemistry in embedded disks: setting the stage for planet formation (PhD colloquium)
15/1011:15HL414Igone Urdampilleta Aldama
X-ray spectroscopy of merging galaxy clusters (PhD colloquium)

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