STRW local: Long-term guests & visitors

Long-term guests and visitors

Click on a name to see the homepage. Click on the office number to find the location. Phone numbers are given as campus extensions. If needed, precede these extension numbers with +31-(0)71-527.

Long-term Guests

Drs. G.F. (Goncalo) Azenha--
Dr. M. (Michiel) Brentjens454-
Dr. S.M. (Stéphanie) Cazaux506-
Dr. E. (Elisa) Costantini--
Dr. J.M.F. (Julius) Donnertnone-
Dr. S. (Stefano) Facchini503-
Drs. B.A.M. (B.) Geburtig--
Dr. A.M. (Arnout) Genderen, van5085863
Dr. C.G. (Ciriaco) Goddi1122-
BSc.Dhr. R.J.E. () Haijer--
Dr. R.H. (Rob) Hammerschlag--
Prof.dr. M.J. (Martin) Hardcastle--
Dr. G. (George) Heald--
MSc. H.J. (Jens) Hoeijmakers-8418
A. (Arjan) Hulst, van der--
Dr. N.P. (Norma) Hurtado Galleguillos1107b-
BSc.Dhr. E. (Ernest) Isaac--
Prof.dr. C.A. (Carole) Jackson--
H. (Rieks) Jager-5805
BSc.Dhr. A.W. (A.W.) Jong, de--
Dr. J.K. (Jet) Katgert-Merkelijn4048469
Drs. A.H. (Anne) Kerkhoven--
Mr. A. (Albert) Koops1107b-
Dr. J. (Johan) Kuilenburg, van--
Dr. J. (Jeff) Lynn1107b-
Dr. R. (Rowin) Meijerink--
(More-pe) More-pe--
MSc. L. (Lucas) Patty--
E. (Evert) Pauwels1107b-
Dr. I. (Inti) Pelupessy404-
BSc.Dhr. W.P. () Pieterse--
MSc. J.T. (Tjibaria) Pijloonone-
Dr. N. (Nicolaas) Roos--
Drs. D.M. (Merijn) Smit--
Dr. J.J. (John) Tobin--
Dr. C. (Catherine) Walsh-6287