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End of your contract

Actions to take when leaving the Observatory.

In case you want to resign before the end of your contract, please first discuss this with your supervisor. After agreement about the resignation date, please submit a formal request via the HR serviceplein. Please find the manual on how to submit your resignation. hr_portal_manual_-_voluntary_resignation.pdf

Leave hours
Please make sure to have your leave hour registration up to date at the moment you request your resignation. After the acceptance of you resignation your leave hour account will be updated. Please discuss with your supervisor how you can use your leave hours before the end of your resignation date.

Account and e-mail
Your STRW account and email address stay active for 6 months after the end of your contract. If a longer period is required, please contact the computer group
In some cases it might be advisable to ask for a guest registration. Please discuss this with your supervisor.

- Let the secretaries know of your last working day at the office:
- Empty your desk, drawers, cabinet;
- Take all your belongings from the cupboard/shelves in the room (if any)
- Leave nothing behind in your office (plants, books, posters, notebooks, pen & pencils, empty carton boxes etc.);
- Return coffee/tea mugs that belong to STRW to the Kaiser Lounge, return trays, plates, cutlery to the canteen Huygens;
- Take items that belong to you out of the fridge in the Kaiser Lounge or the one in the kitchen of the 5th floor Huygens;
- Return room key and coffee card to the secretariat;
- Empty your pigeon hole;
- Leave your new email address and postal address to the secretariat so they can forward any mail that arrives after you have left.

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