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Training & Courses

Training, courses for PhD students

Observatory Introduction program for 1st year PhD’s
Each year the Observatory organizes a three day introductory event for all first year PhD students. Usually this event will be held in November. On the first day the program provides the PhD’s with an introduction to the Observatory (staff, research, education, social life) and to “living in The Netherlands”. The other two days are dedicated to training and courses: PhD challenges, Scientific conduct, Effective Communication and Time management. A follow up for the last two courses will be held a couple of weeks later. Contact: Somayeh Morabbi,

NOVA fall school
The NOVA Fall school is meant to broaden the knowledge of astronomy graduate students. The courses usually correspond to specialized topics that may have been missing in undergraduate studies. All PhD’s must participate in the NOVA Fall school at least once. Participation in two schools is sometimes recommended. The school is offered annually at the ASTRON premises in Dwingeloo, during 5 days in the Fall. Please check the NOVA school website for more information.

Other courses and training for PhD’s
Check the website of the Graduate School and the University website

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