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SAP Self Service

SAP Self Service is a digital system used by all University employees to manage a number of services, tasks and applications concerning your personal state of affairs, such as your travel and expenses and your annual P&D interview. All Self Service applications are supported by Internet Explorer. It is therefore highly recommended that you use this browser. However, Firefox is a good alternative. If you experience technical problems, please contact the ISSC (☎ 8888).

You can arrange many HR matters yourself in Self Service. This includes booking and requesting permission for vacation, submitting travel and other expense claims, selecting flexible benefits in the terms of employment individual choices model and viewing your payslip.

You can log on to SAP by using the following link: This Self Service link on the university website is only available inside the university domain. You can acces the Self Service portal from another location through Remote Workplace.

You can manage the following in Self Service:

Personal profile: You can change personal information here, such as your home address. However, some information can only by changed by the PSSC: ☎ 6200,

Ancillary activities: If you have ancillary activities, it is mandatory to register those in this application.

Time recording: If you are working on a project that requires time recording, please contact Nuray Koc: She will explain how it works.

Flexible benefits (individual choices model): The university offers several benifits to their employees. If you need more information about the various options, please check the university website or contact PSSC: ☎ 6200

Your playslip and annual tax statement

Performance and Development Interview: Your annual Performance & Development interview has to be recorded in SAP Self Service. You can fill out the interview forms as an employee or as a supervisor, so please make sure to select the right option. A manual for both options is available in the right hand pane.

Holiday leave

Expense claims: All expense claims have to be done in SAP Self Service. You are always requested to fill out a SAP-number. This is an administrative number used to allocate your costs. It can be provided by your supervisor or the project administrator. The SAP number consist of 10 digits are constructed according to the following system:
- 2010 xx xxxx in which
- 2010 signifies the general IBL domain
- xx refers to the research group it belongs to; and
- xxxx are the final four digits which refer to the source of the budget: direct or external funding, the funding agency etc. and the serial number of the project itself.

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