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Which actions to take when you are ill?

- Always notify your immediate supervisor on the first day of your illness and also when you are back at work.
- Also send an email to report that you are sick/have recoverd to The secretariat will report this to PSSC.

In case of partial recovery, also inform

For more information about health and illness, check procedure illness

The university also has a University doctor. Usually the doctor is called in by your immediate supervisor but you can also take the initiative to contact the university doctor for advice. You may come into contact with the university doctor in one of two situations:

* You are not ill but you have symptoms, problems or questions relating to your health and work.
* You've reported ill and you need advice concerning your return to work. You can contact the university doctor yourself for an appointment. If you don't, you will be called in automatically after five weeks of being reported ill.

More information about the University doctor, please check university doctor

The university doctor offers consulations by appointment. If you want to make an appointment, you need to fill in a following form: form sickness or you can call ☎ 071-5278015 to make an appointment.

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