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Overview contactpersons

PSSC: Personnel Shared Service Centre: or 071-527622
SCIS: Service Centre International Staff: or 071-5277300
Observatory Secretariat: secretaries or 071-5275737
Helpdesk ISSC: or 071-5278888
Service Desk: or 071-5276400 Graduate School of Science: or 071-5276855
Uniglobe: or 010-2412043
Travel Insurance:
Registration sick leave:
Self Service portal: or 071-5275828 (Technical support)

Office supplies/stationery: / Oort room 465
Office keys:
Shipment of FedEx packages: or bring package directly to the Reception Huygens
Printers (out of order/no paper/new toner):
Ordering replacement furniture: or 071-5278444
Booking of meetings:
Requests for coffee/tea/lunches:

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