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University regulations with regards to travel abroad
Always check the latest guidelines on:

It is not necessary to get approval for a green/yellow zone country business trip anymore. Only for orange/red zone countries the scientific director of the institute and the Faculty Board must give approval. Please note that in this case you should do a safety training before you go. This can take some time and you should contact the institute manager about the costs. Please check

Booking flights with Uniglobe’s online travel tool
All airline tickets must be purchased through travel agency Uniglobe. At the start of you contract we will inform Uniglobe that you are an authorized booker of Leiden University. Uniglobe will mail you a login and instructions for their online travel tool: If you have not received a login, please contact the STRW secretariat

With the reservation of a flight or train ticket you have to mention the SAP number that should be used for the costs.
If you do not know the SAP number you should use, please contact Nuray Koc, The University is billed directly, you do not need to pay in advance.

Please note that Leiden University does not cover any expenses of a partner traveling with you. It is possible however to book a flight for your partner through Uniglobe, but this ticket has to be paid directly by you (credit card or iDEAL). Uniglobe also charges an extra handling fee of ~20 euro. You cannot use the online travel tool for booking a flight for your partner, but need to contact Uniglobe by email:

Train tickets
Train tickets can be booked through Uniglobe, but because this is rather expensive it is advisable to buy train tickets yourself and ask for reimbursement through the SAP Self Service.

Hotel accommodation
Preferably by self booking. You should pay in advance and claim the expenses via SAP Self Service. If you cannot pay in advance, you can request an advance payment via SAP Self Service. Another possibility is to ask Uniglobe to book hotel accommodation for you, but this is more expensive and thus not recommended.

Travel insurance
Employees going on business trips must have installed the Chubb Travel App during a business trip. This is important because of the University’s collective travel insurance scheme. Please check the university website for more information: or contact Beatrix Pehleman,

Reimbursement travel expenses
All expense claims have to be done via SAP Self Service. You are always requested to fill in a SAP-number. This is an administrative number used to allocate your costs. It can be provided by your supervisor or the project administrator. If you In the ‘Subject’ field, please enter the date, destination and the name of the meeting.

The date format in the SAP system is You can also leave out the dots and enter 01052015, for example. Time can also be inserted without punctuation, for example 730 (becomes 7:30) or by using a colon, 7:30. After entering the date and time, first press <ENTER> before you go on. This way the system checks your date and time specification.

Question: - I want to enter a different amount in the specification ‘Subsistence allowance’-components, is this possible?
Answer: - No, but you can lower the number of cost entries, thus lowering the amount, you cannot adjust the total amount yourself.

Please check the university website for the exact terms and conditions for travel expenses:

For more information on expense claims, you can also find guidelines within the Self Service environment or contact FSSC (Finance) on ☎ 071-527 5555 or email

Please see below for a detailed user’s guide to the Travel and expenses section:

Business travel
If you go on a business trip, you are entitled to reimbursement of your travel and subsistence expenses. Find more information about Business travel:
business travel

Advance payment
If you need an advance payment for a business trip before you have received your first salary and you do not have access to SAP Self Service, please contact Robin Hölscher She will assist you in in making a request. Please remember to hand in your expense claim with Robin after your trip (don’t forget to keep the receipts). When you have access to SAP Self Service, you can request an advance payment there.

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