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Are you about to start your new job at Leiden University? Or did you just start? Below we have summarized the most important information for new employees.

Here you can find all the information about the conditions of employment.

conditions of employment
Integrity and ancillary work
Overview of terms and conditions of employment

International employees

Are you an international employee or guest researcher? The Service Center International staff provided advice and different types of services.

The can help you with:

- Immigration and formalities
- Housing
- Social life and settling in
- Taxes and social security
- Health insurance
- Getting around

Practical issues
When you start your new job, there are al lot of practical issues to take care of. Read more about:

* How to sign up for the introduction day for new employees
* How to get going with our ICT resources
* How to apply for a LU-card, that gives you acces to specific buildings and car parks
* How to submit expense claims or arrange other HR matters yourself in Self Service


In case you want to resign before the end of your contract, please first discuss this with your supervisor. After agreement about the resignation date, please submit a formal request via the HR serviceplein. Please find the manual on how to submit your resignation. hr_portal_manual_-_voluntary_resignation.pdf

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