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Diversity and Inclusion

Leiden observatory aims to provide a warm, friendly and open environment for astronomers of all gender identities, nationalities, and ethnic and religious backgrounds. This should create a welcoming atmosphere that enables students and researchers to fully develop their capabilities.

While this environment should clearly help preventing any unappropriate behaviour, it is important that if you notice any unwanted behaviour of any kind you take action.

A first action might be to have a chat with our confidentiality persons. For the observatory, these are elected to be:
Jarle Brinchmann, Jacqueline Hodge, Elena M. Rossi, Xander Tielens

Other possibilities for help and advice include the Institute manager (Evelijn Gerstel) and the Director (Huub Röttgering) who serve as confidentiality persons as part of their role. Bachelor and Master students can also always turn to Wouter Schrier (study Advisor).

It is also possible to speak confidentially with the Human Resources Advisor, Annette Hoenderdos. Every other week she has her office at room number 456 (Frans van Lunteren's office). You can also contact her directly (, phone: 4190).

Furthermore, the University has a complaints box for its staff members where several issues can be addressed. There you can find information about the confidential counselors of the University. You can speak to the counselor about your problem and look for a suitable solution within a confidential atmosphere. They offer you support, can help you with questions, offer advice and (if wanted) can help you with submitting a official complaint.

Mr. J.H.W. Maasen is the confidential counselor personal issues (, phone: 8015).

Ms. M.C. Bleeker is the confidential counselor for undesirable behavior such as matters of aggression, violence or sexual intimidation (phone: 8015).

For more information about the complaint box and the confidential counselors please go to:

Leiden University Regulation on complaints related to unacceptable behaviour - (sexual) harassment, bullying, aggression, violence and discrimination - can be found here

For more information about the Vision, Mission and core Value of Leiden University, please go to: