EDI Journal Club

The EDI Journal Club meets during the last Tuesday of each month at 14:00. The Journal Club is organized by Stefano Bellotti, Christiaan van Buchem, and Kasia Dutkowska, and strives towards the following goals:

  1. To learn in an open and safe environment about all things EDI.
  2. To create room for respectful discussion on complex social topics.
  3. Have a variety of sources and people presenting.

During each meeting, we listen to a presentation, watch a video, or have someone present a paper on an EDI topic. The second half of the meeting is dedicated to discussion on this topic.

Anyone from the institute is free to join, students as well as staff members.

Here is a link to the resources that we discuss during each meeting. Below are the topics for each month.

Date Room Topic Speaker
26 September, 2023 HL1104 Intro/Bullying Chris/Stefano
31 October, 2023 HL1104 Racism Chris/Stefano/Kasia
28 November, 2023 HL1104 LGBTQ+ Sarah
30 January, 2024 HL1104 Neurodiversity
27 February, 2024 HL1104 Disability
26 March, 2024 HL1104 Misogyny Mathilde
30 April, 2024 HL1104 Class/Elitism
28 May, 2024 HL1104 Age
25 June, 2024 HL1104 Religion