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2019-02-0711:00Colloquium Christopher Hayward
(Flatiron Institute)
Starbursts, outflows, and the emergence of disk galaxies
12:50LunchTalk Alexis Finoguenov
(University of Helsinki)
The infall of X-ray groups on to massive clusters
2019-02-2111:00Colloquium Samaya Nissanke
(University of Amsterdam)
Follow the chirp: Seeing and listening to the violent Universe with compact object mergers
16:30ObsSem Jorge Rivero
(Leiden Observatory)
The International Astronomical Union 100 Years Celebrations - Under One Sky
12:50LunchTalk Nicole Nesvadba
(Université Paris-Sud / Université Paris-Saclay)
Planck's Dusty GEMS: Probing star formation in maximal starbursts at z=2-3 on sub-kpc scales
2019-02-2812:50LunchTalk Camilla Danielski
Detection of exoplanets with Gravitational-wave astronomy

02-15 16:15 02-15 17:00414Own PhD talks
02-23 09:00 02-23 17:30PieterskerkOwn Bachelor's Open Day
02-12 12:15 02-12 12:55Own This Week's Discoveries
02-11 09:00 02-12 17:00HuygensOwn PhD recruitment days
02-06 12:45 02-06 13:30414Own Final Evaluation Astronomy Courses BSc
02-07 12:45 02-07 13:30414Own Final Evaluation Astronomy Courses MSc
02-19 12:15 02-19 12:55De SitterzaalOwn This Week's Discoveries
02-26 12:15 02-26 12:55De SitterzaalOwn This Week's Discoveries

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