STRW local: Regular Colloquia


The environmental effects of the radio-loud AGN population

Date: 25-03-2021
Time: 11:15 h
Author: Martin Hardcastle

It is now widely believed, based on galaxy formation modelling, that the energy injected by the jets of radio galaxies is responsible for preventing the cooling of the hot phase of the intergalactic medium, and thus suppressing the runaway growth of the most massive galaxies. Direct observation shows that jets do indeed heat and stir up the hot gas in many individual cases. But do radio galaxies as a population actually inject enough energy to counterbalance radiative cooling? And is the energy injected where it is needed -- in other words, how do jet energetics and feedback effects depend on host galaxy and environmental properties? To answer this question we need to construct and analyse large, unbiased samples of radio-loud AGN, and I'll describe how we have been doing this with LOFAR, our initial results and our plans for the future leading into the SKA era.