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This week's colloquia are highlighted in red.

25/01 Mehmet Ali Alpar
(Sabanci University)
Neutron star dynamics Alessandro Patruno
01/02 Dale Frail
(National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
Multi-Messenger GW-EM Astronomy: A Radio View Intema
08/02 Cameron Mackie
(Leiden Observatory)
(PhD colloquium) Candian
15/02 Michael Cushing
(University of Toledo)
TBD Kenworthy
22/02 Sascha Zeegers
(Leiden Observatory)
(PhD colloquium) Costatini
08/03 David Kipping
(Columbia University)
TBD Kenworthy
29/03 David Wilner
(Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics)
TBD (NOVA colloquium) Hogerheijde
03/05 Amaury Triaud
(University of Cambridge)
TBD Kenworthy
17/05 Michele Mapelli
(University of Innsbruck and Astronomical Observatory of Padova)
Black hole demography in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy spz
24/05 Bianca Poggianti
(Padova Observatory)
07/06 Roberto Decarli
TBD Hodge

Unless noted otherwise, colloquia take place at the Oort Building, Niels Bohrweg 2, Leiden, in the De Sitter Zaal on the ground floor, on Thursdays, and start 16:00 sharp!
Tea and coffee is available from 15:45. 

For questions and/or suggestions concerning the colloquium series, please contact Michiel Hogerheijde (e-mail ) or Simon Portegies Zwart (e-mail )
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