STRW local: Galaxy Coffee

Galaxy Coffee Talks


The seminar series "Galaxy Coffee" is intended to provide an overview of research about galaxies at the Sterrewacht in a format that can fit in our busy agendas.

Galaxy coffee is on Mondays and begins at 11.20 in the coffee area of the 11th floor in the Huygens building (HL11). It features two talks of 15 minutes each (including discussion) and in each talk not more than three slides may be shown. This is in order to focus the presentation and discussion on the main result and to be attractive for all galaxy researchers. Presenters are invited to show recent results that do not need to be final or published.

Note that the location (11th floor coffee area) only contains a few seating opportunities. This is intentional, as it will ensure a lively discussion and a short meeting.

Galaxy coffee ends at 12.00 sharp and participants are invited to continue their discussions over lunch.

For questions and/or suggestions concerning the lunch talks, please contact Jackie Hodge () or Michael Maseda().