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Lunch Talks

Formation of Solar System Analogues: from the gaseous protoplanetary disk to the final stage of giant impacts

Since the discovery of the first extrasolar planet, the study of planetary formation, which until then was limited to our Solar System, had a significant growth. Much of the detected exoplanets form part of multiple planetary systems with central stars similar to our Sun. These systems represent the final snapshot of different complex processes and stages of planet formation. Different models of planet formation have been developed to study the first stages of planetary systems when the protoplanetary disk still presents a gaseous component. Population synthesis works have been performed with the aim of reproducing the mass vs. semimajor-axis diagrams of the current sample of exoplanets, and to better understand the main processes of planetary formation. On the other hand, several works have studied the formation of terrestrial planets in the post-oligarchic growth regime, via purely N-body calculations, in different dynamical scenarios or within the framework of our Solar system. But generally, the initial conditions considered to analyze the late accretion stage of planet formation are typically selected arbitrarily without linking them with results of previous evolutionary stages. In this talk, I will briefly summarize the results of my PhD Thesis, dedicated to study the formation and evolution of Solar System Analogues, and water delivery on to the rocky planets formed within their habitable zones, combining studies of the gaseous and post-gas formation stages.


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