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Lunch Talks

On sniffer poles and moonrocks: the significance of scientific heritage

The collection of Rijksmuseum Boerhaave contains marvellous old telescopes and microscopes, and iconic pieces like the lenses of Huygens and the microscopes of Van Leeuwenhoek. While it is relatively easy to captivate museum-visitors with objects such as these, the collection also contains numerous items that lack expressiveness and are difficult to understand. This is pre-eminently the case with recent scientific heritage, which often concerns rather esoteric ‘back boxes’. In my presentation, I will explain how curators in Rijksmuseum Boerhaave aim to give significance to its objects, and artefacts of recent times in particular.


Unless announced otherwise, the lunch talks start at 12:50 sharp. The approximate duration of the lunch talk is given above, and additional time will be given for questions and discussion following the presentation. Please make sure that you take ample time to pick up your lunch beforehand.

Information for Speakers and Hosts: Talks are limited to 25 minutes, with 5 additional minutes for questions. Hosts are responsible for bringing the speaker to the correct room in ample time to set up laptops etc., and for ensuring the speaker also has time for lunch.

For questions and/or suggestions concerning the lunch talks, please contact Themiya Nanayakkara () or Alvaro Hacar ()).