STRW local: Science day 2004

Sterrewacht Science Day 2004

Anxiously awaiting ...

Coffee break

Getting Lunch

Eating Lunch

Discussion at tea

The boss of the meeting, feared by all speakers

Those that survived
The scientific programme will be determined by drawing names from a hat:
there will be talks by/on (actual speaking order)

Koen KuijkenGravitational shear and OmegaCAM: a distorted view
Glenn van de Ven The distance to Ω Cen
Ewine van Dishoeck Low-mass protostars: hot and cool
Frank Israel Restless and Dense ISM in Galaxy Centers
-Coffee break
Arjen van der Wel Evolution of Early type galaxies
Walter JaffeMIDI measurements of active galaxies
Michiel Hogerheijde Zooming in on Planet-Forming Disks
Huub RöttgeringLy-α halos and the formation of massive galaxies and clusters
-Lunch break
Stefan Schlemmer Laboratory Astrophysics: Hot science with cold molecules
Tracy WebbA Submm Survey of High Redshift Galaxy Clusters: A Submm Butcher-Oemler Effect?
Harm HabingMaser stars in the inner Milky Way Galaxy: a bar?
George Miley LOFAR
-Tea break
Jan LubStellar radiation and radii
Michele CappellariRecent work on Cen A
Vincent Icke Light Entertainment and Dark Times
Rudolf Le PooleInterferometric Astronomy
Peter KatgertProperties of the magnetic field in the Galaxy
Click on the persons name to see him/her in action (blurred due to low light and high anxiety of speaker).