STRW local: Science day 2005

Sterrewacht Science Day 2005

The annual Observatory Science Day will be held on Thursday, 8 September. The main goal of this day is to remind ourselves that the people working here are doing interesting research, and not just attending meetings, writing proposals, fighting with computers,... Secondary goals are:

The main event is a mini-symposium in the de Sitterzaal where a dozen staff members and Ph.D. students will talk about their current research. At the end there will be a borrel including awarding prizes to the outstanding speakers in several catagories. The provisional schedule is:
9:45 Walter Jaffe Introduction
10:00 Ignas SnellenExo-Planets
10:20 Rowin MeijerinkMolecules under stress
10:40 Richard McDermidExploring Early-Type Galaxies with SAURON
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Bernard BrandlStudying Starbursts with Spitzer
11:50 Ewine v. DishoeckHot organic chemistry in protoplanetary disks
12:10 Sabine ReffertRadial Velocities of Giant K Stars
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Harald LinnartzInterstellar conditions in room 522
13:50 Guido FuchsExperiments on interstellar ices
14:10 Remco StuikHigh-Order Adaptive Optics in the Lab
14:30 Mariska Kriek Unveiling the mystery of Distant Red Galaxies
14:50 tea
15:10 Peter WoitkeDust-driven Winds of Red Giants
15:30 Vincent IckePractical Pandemonium
15:50 Yuri LevinYoung stars near the black hole in the Galactic Center
16:10 Joop SchayeGalaxy formation and the intergalactic medium
16:45 allPrize awards/Borrel/Surinamese snacks(Kaiser Lounge)
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