STRW local: Science day 2006

Sterrewacht Science Day 2006

The annual Observatory Science Day will be held on Thursday, 7 September. The main goal of this day is to remind ourselves that the people working here are doing interesting research, and not just attending meetings, writing proposals, fighting with computers,... Secondary goals are:

The main event is a mini-symposium in the de Sitterzaal where a dozen staff members and Ph.D. students will talk about their current research.

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9:55 Paul van der WerfIntroduction
10:00 Christian BrinchHow to make a protoplanetary disk
10:20 Bruno MerinSpitzer studies of protoplanetry disk evolution and its implications for planet formation
10:40 Vincent IckeThe next five years of radiation hydrodynamics
11:00 Coffee (Hall Sitterzaal)
11:30 Clovis HopmanMassive black holes and stars
11:50 Frank IsraelThe restless nucleus of Centaurus A
12:10 Leonie SnijdersMid-infrared observations of the Antennae
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Remco StuikAdaptive optics - Space telescope images from your backyard?
13:50 Karin ObergIs interstellar water ice dirty - and does it matter?
14:10 Claudio Dalla VecchiaSimulations of the formation of galaxies
14:30 Richard McDermidGalaxy classification 70 years on: Sauron's view of the realm of the Nebulae
14:50 Stijn WuytsThe nature of red galaxies
15:10 Koen KuykenKIDS
15:30 Tea (Ground Floor Hall)
16:00 Colloquium
17:00 Drinks and Snacks (Kaiser Lounge)
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