STRW local: Science day 2007

Sterrewacht Science Day 2007

The annual Observatory Science Day will be held on Thursday, 6 September. The main goal of this day is to remind ourselves that the people working here are doing interesting research, and not just attending meetings, writing proposals, fighting with computers,... Secondary goals are:

The main event is a mini-symposium in the de Sitterzaal where a dozen staff members and Ph.D. students will talk about their current research.

The first fifteen minutes of each talk are meant for presentation, the remaining five for discussion. Please note that this is an 'intermediate-specialist meeting'. That is to say: the level is to be aimed at the level somewhere in between bachelor and master.

09:55Vincent IckeWelcome and Introduction
10:00Olja PanicMolecules in planet-forming disks
10:20Sergio IoppoloChemical reactions in interstellar ice
10:40Herma CuppenMonte Carlo simulations: interstellar (d)ice
11:00Coffee, tea, refreshments
11:30Clovis HopmanDisruptions of binary stars by massive black holes
11:50Vincent IckeSome mathematical properties of the SimpleX algorithm
12:10Frank IsraelDust and molecules in spiral galaxies
12:30 - 13:30Lunch (not catered)
13:30Tri AstraatmadjaDetecting Hypervelocity Star candidates using astrometric data
13:50Ewine van DishoeckSurprises in mid-infrared spectra of protoplanetary disks
14:10Marcel HaasThe Formation of Galaxies
14:30Coffee, tea, refreshments
15:00Huub RöttgeringFirst LOFAR results: why are radio galaxies radio emitters?
15:20Mario Soto3-D Kinematics in low foreground extinction windows of the galactic bulge
15:40 Drinks and Snacks (HL/Oort Hall)
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