STRW local: Science day 2009

Sterrewacht Science Day 2009

The annual Observatory Science Day was held on Thursday, 3 September. The main goal of this day was to remind ourselves that the people working here are doing interesting research, and not just attending meetings, writing proposals, fighting with computers,... Secondary goals are:

The main event was a mini-symposium in the de Sitterzaal where a dozen staff members and Ph.D. students will talk about their current research.

09:00Michiel HogerheideWelcome
09:05Xander TielensAstromaterial Sciences
09:40Hendrik HildebrandtUsing lensing magnification as a cosmological tool
10:00Jordy BouwmanShining light on PAHs in interstellar ices/td>
10:20 - 11:00Coffee, tea, refreshments
11:00Sarah KendrewMETIS
11:20Demerese SalterDust and Gas Diagnostics for Proto-planetary Disks
11:40Tim Schrabback3D weak lensing with COSMOS
12:00 - 13:30Lunch in Gorlaeus Lab (offered by Observatory)
13:30Nadine WehresA combined experimental/observational study on the Red Rectangle nebula
13:50Jan-Pieter PaardekooperReionisation Simulations on Unstructured, Dynamic Grids
14:10Lars KristensenJCMT/IRAM observations of protostars
14:30 - 15:00Coffee, tea, refreshments
15:00Simon Portegies ZwartRecent insights from massive numerical simulations
15:40Reinout van WeerenDiffuse radio emission from merging galaxy clusters
16:00Marcel HaasPhysical properties of simulated galaxies
16:20 - 16:401 slide presentationsMANY
16:40   Closing
17:00 Drinks (HL/Oort Hall)