STRW local: Science day 2011

Scienceday 2011

9:00 Elena Rossi Hyper-velocity stars
9:40 Michiel Hogerheijde Detection of the water reservoir in a forming planetary system
10:00 Rob Crain The hot side of galaxy formation.
11:00 Paul van der Werf Bring your towels: a wet quasar at z=3.9
11:20 Ewine van Dishoeck Hot cores in low-mass protostars: wet or dry?
11:40 Ernst Kuiper The childhood of a metropolis: galaxy clusters in the early Universe

12:00 -12:10 New hot results.
Olivier Berné: Roll up and learn how Buckyballs are formed in space.
Raimond Oonk: CIV Emission in Bright Cluster Galaxies
12:30 - 13:30Lunch in Gorlaeus Lab (offered by Observatory)
13:30 Rychard Bouwens Exploring the high redshift universe with the new Hubble Space Telescope WFC3 camera
14:00 Matteo Brogi Detection of the radial velocity trail from the giant planet orbiting Tau Bootis.
14:20 Edo van Uitert Galaxy lensing and the relation between baryons and dark matter
14:40-14:50 New hot results
Simon Portegies Zwart: AMUSE
Marissa Rosenberg: Does FeII trace supernova rate?
14:50 - 15:20Tea
15:20 Freeke van de Voort Growing galaxies and their gaseous haloes in numerical simulations
15:40 Edith Fayolle Sublimation of interstellar ices induced by UV photons
16:00 Shannon Patel The UVJ Selection of Quiescent and Star Forming Galaxies
16:20-16:50 1 sheet presentations by new arrivals and others
Steven Rieder
Jean Baptista Bossa
Steven Cuylle
Gleb Fedoseev
Mattia Fumagalli
Joseph Guss
Daniel Harsono
Olga Hartoog
Marines Israel
Reinier Janssen
Jelte de Jong
Koen Kuijken
Thanja Lambechts
Xiaoho Li
Edo Loenen
Nienke van de Marel
Tiffany Meshkat
Bram Ochsendorf
Gilles Otten
Willem de Pous
Alex Richings
Alex Rimoldi
Carl Shneider
David Sobral
Caroline Straatman
Abel Streefland
Shuro Takano
Monica Turner
Marco Velliscig
Wendy Williams
Jungfen Zhen
Irene San Jose
Jane Birkby
16:50 closing
17:00 borrel