STRW local: Science day 2012

Scienceday 2012

9:30 Christoph KellerAstrophotomics
10:10 David Sobral The 11-Gyr evolution of starforming galaxies
10:30 Ali Rahmati Distribution of neutral hydrogen in the post-reionization universe
11:10 Elisabetta Semboloni Effect of baryonic feedback on cosmic shear statistics
11:40Myriam Shirazi Nebular HeII 4686 emission: an indirect tracer of massive stars at low metallicities
12:00Astrid Elbers The Relations between Dutch Radio Astronomers and their Soviet Colleagues during the Heyday of the Cold War
12:20Marijke Segers Gas recycling as a source of star formation fuel
13:30 Simone WeinmannA fundamental problem in our understanding of low mass galaxy evolution
14:00 Karoliina Isokoski Thermal collapse of interstellar ice
14:20 Jelte de Jong KiDS
14:40 Pedro RussoAstronomy education and public outreach for development
15:20 Joe Mottram Splashing around in the dark: Water in motion in star forming regions with Herschel
15:50 Kuo-Song Wang Small scale kinematics of massive star forming regions

16:10 Daniel Szomoru/Jesse van de Sande On the size evolution of massive quiescent galaxies
16:30-17:00 1 sheet presentations by new arrivals and others
Marcello Cacciato
Allesandra Candian
David Carton
Maria Drozdovskaya
Jeroen Franse
Adrian Hamers
Geoff Mathews
Sean McGee
Emma Rigby
Joakim Rosdahl
Cristobal Sifon Andalaft
Suzanne Taylor Muzzin
Marcel van Daalen
17:00 borrel
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