STRW local: Science day 2014

Scienceday 2014

9:00 Joop Schaye Simulating the formation of galaxies
9:40 Pamela Klaassen Massive star conspiracy in IRAS17233-3606: the outflow
10:00 Cristóbal Sifón Andalaft Alignments of galaxies in galaxy clusters
10:20 COFFEE
10:50 Ignas Snellen First measurement of the spin rotation of an extrasolar planet
11:10 Carmen Martinez Radial Migration of the Sun in the Milky Way: A statistical study
11:30 Frank Molster E-ELT instrumentation: a long and bumpy road to the top
11:50 John Tobin Revealing Embedded Disks and Multiple Systems in the Protostellar Phase
12:10 LUNCH
13:30 Michiel Hogerheijde ALMA probes star- and planet formation: recent highlights
14:10 Leah Morabito Spatially Resolved Studies of Extragalactic Jets in High-z Radio Galaxies at Low Frequencies
14:30 Remco de Kok The surprising composition of Titan's southern polar cloud
14:50 COFFEE
15:20 Gilles Otten The Vector APP Coronagraph
15:40 Nienke van der Marel Planet formation in action: gas holes and dust traps in transition disks with ALMA
16:00 Adam Muzzin A First Look at the Interior Structure of Massive High-Redshift Galaxies using Strong Gravitational Lensing
16:20 Thanja Lamberts On the relevance of the H2+ O surface reaction pathway to interstellar water formation
16:40 New results
17:00 BORREL