STRW local: Science day 2015

Scienceday 2015

9:00Mihkel Kama Fingerprints of giant planets in the photospheres of young A stars
9:20Joki Rosdahl Radiation-hydrodynamical simulations of stellar feedback in disk galaxies
9:40Lorrie Straka A Blind Search for Galaxies Hosting QSO Absorption Systems with MUSE
10:00 Remo Tilanus BackHoleCam: Beyond the first image of a Black Hole
10:20 COFFEE
10:50 Harold Linnartz The SLA or how to use physical tricks to answer chemical questions of astronomical interest
11:30 Henriette Schwarz Measuring the spin of the directly imaged sub-stellar companion GQ Lupi b
11:50 Mike Garrett Good night, sleep tight! - Advanced civilisations in the local Universe
12:10 LUNCH
13:30 Anthony Brown Gaia - one year of science operations
14:10 Julien Spronck Latest Results from MASCARA
14:30 Alessandra Candian Revealing the mass distribution of PAH molecules in astronomical environment
14:50 COFFEE
15:20 Jarle Brinchmann Pixel-spectroscopy of the sky - galaxies seen through MUSE
16:00 Lucie Jilkova Stealing Sedna and family from a solar sibling
16:20 New results
16:40 BORREL