STRW local: Science day 2016

Scienceday 2016

9:00 Vincent Van Eylen Dynamics of small Kepler planets
9:20 Liz Guzman A search for 3He in planetary nebulae
9:40 Ko-Ju Chuang Formation of Complex Organics in Dark Clouds - Sweet results from the laboratory
10:00 Jos de Boer Multiple rings in scattered light images of protoplanetary disks detected with VLT/SPHERE
10:20 COFFEE
10:50 Anthony Brown T+2 days from Gaia DR1: A first exploration of the Gaia sky
11:30 Allison Hill The Mass and Structural Evolution of the Progenitors of Today's Massive Galaxies
11:50 Massimo Viola The Kilo Degree Survey: cosmology using weak gravitational lensing
12:10 LUNCH
13:30 Merel van 't Hoff Robustness of N2H+ as tracer of the CO snowline
13:50 Tommaso Marchetti Hypervelocity stars in the Gaia Catalogue
14:10 Iva Laginja Rings around beta Pictoris b
14:30 Andrew Ridden Harper Search for Na and Ca+ in the exosphere of the hot rocky super-Earth 55 Cancri e
14:50 COFFEE
15:20 Huub Rottgering LOFAR surveys of the low frequency sky: First results on AGN, galaxy clusters and starburst galaxies
16:00 Valeriya Korol Detection of double white dwarf binaries as EM and GW sources
16:20 Euan Monaghan Using terrestrial extreme environments to assess the habitability of Mars
16:40 Awards
17:00 BORREL

Photographic Impression

Scientific director blocking emergency exit Science day organizer photographing empty chair? Faculty WN counting the number of people in the de Sitter zaal.
Paralympic contribution to the science day?