Frequently Asked Questions

PhD Application process

Q: my transcript (list of exams and course grades) is an a language other then English or Dutch, should I provide a translation? should it be legalized?
A: Yes, you should. We require both the official original transcript and a translation. The translation does not need to be legalized.
Q: I am doing a combined Bsc and MSci degree and I do not have a formal Bsc diploma to immediately provide. What should I do?
A: We would recommend you providing an official note from your University, stating that you are in a Bsc and MSci programme. Or have one of your referee vouching for your participation in such a programme.
Q: One or more of my referees have not received the email from you, could you send it again? Could you sent it to a different email address?
A: Yes we can. Contact phdapplications@strw.leidenuniv.n stating the name of the referee and his/her email address where the reminder should be sent
Q: Is it necessary for me to have completed a Master programme in Astronomy to be accepted into the Leiden PhD programme?
A: Yes, you must have a Master degree by the time you start your appointment. While a degree in Astronomy clearly meets our requirements, degrees in related fields like Physics would be acceptable as long as you can demonstrate with your studies you have a significant astronomy background.