Leiden preprints

arXiv:2102.13357v1 [pdf]
Title:Diffusion of CH$_4$ in amorphous solid water
Authors: Bel?n Mat?, Stephanie Cazaux, Miguel Angel Satorre, Germ?n Molpeceres, Juan Ortigoso, Carlos Mill?n, Carmina Santonja
Comments: 17 pages, 15 figures
Subjects: astro-ph.IM, astro-ph.EP
arXiv:2102.11712v1 [pdf]
Title:Microarcsecond Astrometry: Science Highlights from Gaia
Authors: Anthony G. A. Brown
Comments: 61 pages, 10 figures, author's version (before copy-editing) of invited review to appear in Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics (2021)
Subjects: astro-ph.IM, astro-ph.GA
arXiv:2102.11676v1 [pdf]
Title:The physical and chemical structure of high-mass star-forming regions. Unraveling chemical complexity with the NOEMA large program "CORE"
Authors: C. Gieser, H. Beuther, D. Semenov, A. Ahmadi, S. Suri, T. M?ller, M. T. Beltran, P. Klaassen, Q. Zhang, J. S. Urquhart, Th. Henning, S. Feng, R. Galv?n-Madrid, V. de Souza Magalh?es, L. Moscadelli, S. Longmore, S. Leurini, R. Kuiper, T. Peters, K. M. Menten, T. Csengeri, G. Fuller, F. Wyrowski, S. Lumsden, ?. S?nchez-Monge, L. Maud, H. Linz, A. Palau, P. Schilke, J. Pety, R. Pudritz, J. M. Winters, V. Pi?tu
Comments: 29 pages, 14 figures, accepted for publication in A&A
Subjects: astro-ph.GA, astro-ph.SR
arXiv:2102.11415v1 [pdf]
Title:The Mega-MUSCLES Spectral Energy Distribution Of TRAPPIST-1
Authors: David J. Wilson, Cynthia S. Froning, Girish M. Duvvuri, Kevin France, Allison Youngblood, P. Christian Schneider, Zachory Berta-Thompson, Alexander Brown, Andrea P. Buccino, Suzanne Hawley, Jonathan Irwin, Lisa Kaltenegger, Adam Kowalski, Jeffrey Linsky, R. O. Parke Loyd, Yamila Miguel, J. Sebastian Pineda, Seth Redfield, Aki Roberge, Sarah Rugheimer, Feng Tian, Mariela Vieytes
Comments: Accepted to APJ, SEDs available at https://github.com/davidjwilson/Trappist-1_MM
Subjects: astro-ph.SR
arXiv:2102.09238v1 [pdf]
Title:The LOFAR LBA Sky Survey I. survey description and preliminary data release
Authors: F. de Gasperin, W. L. Williams, P. Best, M. Bruggen, G. Brunetti, V. Cuciti, T. J. Dijkema, M. J. Hardcastle, M. J. Norden, A. Offringa, T. Shimwell, R. van Weeren, D. Bomans, A. Bonafede, A. Botteon, J. R. Callingham, R. Cassano, K. T. Chyzy, K. L. Emig, H. Edler, M. Haverkorn, G. Heald, V. Heesen, M. Iacobelli, H. T. Intema, M. Kadler, K. Malek, M. Mevius, G. Miley, B. Mingo, L. K. Morabito, J. Sabater, R. Morganti, E. Orru, R. Pizzo, I. Prandoni, A. Shulevski, C. Tasse, M. Vaccari, P. Zarka, H. Rottgering
Comments: 19 pages, 14 figures, Accepted A&A, catalogue and images on www.lofar-surveys.org
Subjects: astro-ph.IM
arXiv:2102.09577v1 [pdf]
Title:The TW Hya Rosetta Stone Project IV: A hydrocarbon rich disk atmosphere
Authors: L. Ilsedore Cleeves, Ryan A. Loomis, Richard Teague, Edwin A. Bergin, David J. Wilner, Jennifer B. Bergner, Geoffrey A. Blake, Jenny K. Calahan, Paolo Cazzoletti, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Viviana V. Guzman, Michiel R. Hogerheijde, Jane Huang, Mihkel Kama, Karin I. Oberg, Chunhua Qi, Jeroen Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Catherine Walsh
Comments: 15 pages, 8 figures, Accepted in ApJ
Subjects: astro-ph.EP, astro-ph.GA, astro-ph.SR
arXiv:2102.08973v1 [pdf]
Title:Statistical strong lensing. I. Constraints on the inner structure of galaxies from samples of a thousand lenses
Authors: Alessandro Sonnenfeld, Marius Cautun
Comments: Submitted to Astronomy & Astrophysics. A 2-minute summary video can be found at this link: https://youtu.be/En0-uJobqE4
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:2102.08781v1 [pdf]
Title:Disk Evolution Study Through Imaging of Nearby Young Stars (DESTINYS): Late infall causing disk misalignment and dynamic structures in SU Aur
Authors: C. Ginski, S. Facchini, J. Huang, M. Benisty, D. Vaendel, L. Stapper, C. Dominik, J. Bae, F. Menard, G. Muro-Arena, M. Hogerheijde, M. McClure, R. G. van Holstein, T. Birnstiel, Y. Boehler, A. Bohn, M. Flock, E. E. Mamajek, C. F. Manara, P. Pinilla, C. Pinte, A. Ribas
Comments: 18 pages, 12 figures, published in ApJL on 18-02-2021
Subjects: astro-ph.EP, astro-ph.SR
arXiv:2102.08493v1 [pdf]
Title:Reconstructing the Extreme Ultraviolet Emission of Cool Dwarfs Using Differential Emission Measure Polynomials
Authors: Girish M. Duvvuri, J. Sebastian Pineda, Zachory K. Berta-Thompson, Alexander Brown, Kevin France, Adam F. Kowalski, Seth Redfield, Dennis Tilipman, Mariela C. Vieytes, David J. Wilson, Allison Youngblood, Cynthia S. Froning, Jeffrey Linsky, R. O. Parke Loyd, Pablo Mauas, Yamila Miguel, Elisabeth R. Newton, Sarah Rugheimer, P. Christian Schneider
Comments: 37 pages, 22 figures, and 5 tables. A citation to Woods et al. (2009) in Table 5 was altered to plain text because of issues with Arxiv's AutoTex processing, but the full reference is preserved in the bibliography
Subjects: astro-ph.SR, astro-ph.EP
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