2019-02-06 14:28:58
Portrait of former DG, Tim de Zeeuw, unveiled
A portrait of Tim de Zeeuw was unveiled and added to the gallery of former ESO Directors General at ESO HQ, on Monday 21 January. The portrait was unveiled at an event in the Council Room after brief speeches by the ESO Council President, Willy Benz, Xavier Barcons, and Tim de Zeeuw, on the many developments at ESO during Timís decade-long term as Director General. It was painted by the Dutch artist Carla Rodenberg, who also painted the portrait of another former DG, Harry van der Laan, which was already in the gallery. Carla Rodenberg's other works include a 1995 portrait of Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands from 1980 to 2013, which was chosen by the queen as her official portrait. After the unveiling, the portrait was moved to its location in the gallery outside the Council Room, where it joins those of ESO's other former Directors General.
Publ. 2019-02-06 14:28:58