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A. Group photographs from the Netherlands

1. Promotion dinner J.H. Oort, Groningen, 1926.
2. Staff of Leiden Observatory, 1933
3. Staff of Leiden Observatory, 1947
4. Staff of Leiden Observatory, 1948
5. Netherlands astronomers conference, Vogelenzang, 1949

6. Nederlandse Astronomenconferentie, Oud-Poelgeest, 1953.
7. Staff of Leiden Observatory, 1960
8. Netherlands conference for young astronomers, Nijenrode, 1963
9. Oort 70th birthday Symposium, Roden, 1970
10. Staff of Leiden Observatory, 1974
11. Dutch Astronomers Group Photograph, 1975
12. Lecture by Oort,Leiden, 1977 No. 1
13. Lecture by Oort, Leiden, 1977 No. 2
14. Programme Committee WSRT, 1978
15. Staff of Leiden Observatory, 1988

B. International Group Photographs

1. IAU General Assembly, Rome 1922

2A. IAU General Assembly, Cambridge UK 1925. This is a panoramic group photograph that is given here in three parts, from left to right




2B. IAU General Assembly,Harvard 1932. This is a panoramic group photograph that is given here in four parts, from left to right





Further photographs

3. Commemoration Leverrier, Paris, 1946

4. Yerkes Observatory Staff and Visitors, 1947

5. Symposium: Hydrodynamical problems concerning Masses of Cosmical Dimensions, Parijs, 1949

6. Colloquium on Astronomical Constants, Paris, 1950

7. Liege Colloquium "La physique des cometes", Liege, 1952

8. Vosbergen(Groningen), Netherlands. IAU Symposium no. 1, June 1953 Conference on coordination of Galactic Research.

9. Jodrell Bank, Symposium on Radio Astronomy,July 1953

10. Liege, Colloquium "Les Particules Solides", 1954

11. Semaine d'Etudes on Stellar Populations, Vatican, 1957

12. Solvay Conference, Brussels, 1958

13. Lecture during IAU Moscow, 1958

14. Symposium of Fundamental Properties, Cincinnati, 1959

15. ICSU Executive Board, Lisbon, October 1960

16. Meeting of AURA officials with ESO Committee, Chili, 1963

17. IAU-URSI Symposium, 1963, Canberra

18. Some participants of IAU-URSI Symposium, 1963, Canberra

19. Lunch at IAU-URSI Symposium, 1963, Canberra

20. IAU Symposium Noordwijk, 1966

21. Workshop "The Nature of Dense Condensations in HII Regions", Leiden, 1972

22. Tercentenary Symposium Royal Greenwhich Observatory,1975

23. Semaine d'Etudes on Cosmology, Vatican, 1981

24. Workshop on Southern Galactic Surveys, Leiden, 1982

25. Symposium "Birth and Evolution of Massive Stars and Stellar Groups, Dwingeloo, 1984


1. IAU General Assembly VI, Stockholm, 1938. Oort with W. Baade.

2. Harvard, 1939. Left to right: B.J. Bok, J.H. Oort, P. van de Kamp, J. Schilt.

3. Leiden, 1947. With P.Th.Oosterhoff.

4. IAU General Assembly VII, Zürich, 1948.Left to right: B. Lindblad, H. Spencer Jones, J.H. Oort, B. Strömgren.

5. Harvard Observatory Boyden Station, Mazelspoort, South Africa, 1952. Left to right: E.M. Lindsay, J.H. Oort, G. Lemaître, J. Ramberg.

6. IAU General Assembly IX, Rome, 1952. Executive officers. Left to right: ??, P.Th. Oosterhoff, ??, A. Danjon, O. Struve, H. Spencer Jones, G. Tiercy, V.A. Ambartsumian, J.H. Oort, B. Strömgren.

7. IAU General Assembly X, Moscow, 1958. Left to right: B. Lindblad, N. Mayall, J.H. Oort, Mrs. Mayall, C. Seyfert.

8. Date and occasion unknown, 1958-1959? Left to right: G. Haro, J.H. Oort, A. Unsöld.

9. Opening Ceremony, IAU General Assembly XI, Berkeley.Left to right: I.S. Bowen, J.H. Oort, A. Stevenson, L. Goldberg, D.H. McLaughlin.

10. IAU General Assembly XI, Berkeley. Left to right: C.D. Shane, Mrs. Shane, J.H. Oort

11. Australia, 1963. Left to right: J.H. Oort, Mrs. Oort, J.G. Bolton, Mrs. Bolton.

12. Parkes, Australia (inside the 210' dish). Left to right: ??, J.H. Oort, R.H. Stoy, E.G. Bowen, V.A. Ambartsumian, G.F.W. Mulders, B.V. Kukarkin.

13. Parkes, Australia, 1963. With B.J. Bok

14. ESO Committee meeting, Haute Provence, France, 1964.Left to right, J.H. Oort, ??, Ch. Fehrenbach, P. Lacroute, B. Lindblad, G. Funke, A. Reiz, J. Rösch.

15. Burakan, Armenia, 1966. Left to right: E.M. Burbidge, J.H. Oort, V. Ambartsumian.

16. Armenia, 1966. Left to right: E.M. Burbidge, J.H. Oort, L. Mirzoyan.

17. Rome, 1970. Left to right: W.A. Fowler, H. Friedman, J.H. Oort

18. Inaugural Lecture J.M. Greenberg, 1970. Left to right: D. Kuenen, J. Gorter, J.M. Greenberg, Mrs. Greenberg, J.H. Oort

19. Lecture by Oort, Leiden Observatory 1977 (see also group photographs) Left to right: A. Vos?, G.K. Miley, E.M. Dekker, E. Valentijn, C. Oosterbaan, I. van Houten-Groeneveld, C.J. van Houten, H. van der Laan, J.H. Oort

20. Audience with Pope John Paul II, Vatican Semaine d' Etudes, 1981

21. 350th anniversary of Leiden Observatory. Left to right: P.C. van der Kruit, E.M. Berkhuijsen, Mrs. Brouw, H. Kleibrink, H.A. van Herk-Kluyver, G. van Herk, J.H. Oort, Mrs. van der Laan, Mrs. Oort.

22. 350th anniversary of Leiden Observatory: Left to right: T. de Jong, A. Blaauw, U.J. Schwarz, J.H. Oort, Mrs. Oort.

23. With B.F. Burke; occasion unknown.