STRW local: BSc students

Bachelor students

Click on a name to see the homepage. Click on the office number to find the location. Phone numbers are given as campus extensions. If needed, precede these extension numbers with +31-(0)71-527.

BSc.Dhr. A. (Akash) Alase--
BSc.Dhr. m. (Matthijs) Groeningen, van--
Mr. T. (Tian) Li--
BSc.Mevr. L. (Lily) Lin--
BSc.Mevr. E. (Eline) Nijdam--
(Julia) Pessers--
BSc.Dhr. A. (Ambar) Qadeer--
BSc.Mevr. S. (Shravya) Shenoy--
BSc.Mevr. (Simin) Tong--

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all bachelor's students. Rather, it contains only those students who are currently participating in a research project at the observatory and have a desk. Other bachelor's students can be reached through the educational office at the first floor of the Huygens building or through the respective study advisors.