STRW local: Research associates

Research Associates

Click on a name to see the homepage. Click on the office number to find the location. Phone numbers are given as campus extensions. If needed, precede these extension numbers with +31-(0)71-527.

If you have any questions, please contact the Postdoc Ambassadors (Cristina Garcia Vergara, Lizette Guzman Ramirez, Daniel Harsono, Peter Mitchell) by sending an email to

Dr. Y. (Yannick) Bahe454-
Dr. A. (Andrea) Botteon5705593
Dr. A. (Alessandra) Candian5295826
Dr. A.J. (Alexander James) Cridland5036380
Dr. G. (Gleb) Fedoseev516b5882
Dr. C.J. (Cristina) Garcia Vergara5638438
Dr. L. (Lizette) Guzman Ramirez1122-
Dr. A. (Alvaro) Hacar Gonzalez11226278
Dr. J. (Jiao) Henone-
Dr. H. R. (Helgi) Hrodmarsson503-
Dr. M. (Mher) Kazandjian5585860
Dr. A.Y. (Aurora) Kesseli435-
Dr. Z (Zuzanna) Kostrzewa-Rutkowska537-
Dr. S.K. (Sarah) Leslie568-
Dr. P. (Patricia) Liebing5636424
Dr. M.V. (Michael) Maseda4358130
Dr. J. (Jeff) Meisner-8462
Dr. K.L. (Kelsey) Miller1127-
Dr. P.D. (Peter) Mitchell435-
Dr. (Michael) Müller--
Dr. A.A. (Alexander) Mushtukov454-
Dr. T. (Themiya) Nanayakkara464-
Dr. S. (Shota) Notsu508-
MSc. (Mireille) Ouellet1105-
MSc. L. (Lucas) Patty1107b-
Dr. S. (Sylvia) Ploeckinger-8489
Dr. B. (Bruno) Ribeiro454-
MSc. M. (Matteo) Rizzato571-
Dr. G. (Giovanni) Rosotti5076283
Dr. M. (Matus) Rybak464-
Dr. M. (Matthieu) Schaller4348418
Dr. A. (Alessandro) Sonnenfeld4358458
Dr. M. (Mauro) Stefanon436-
Dr. N. (Nicolas) Suas-David508-
Dr. B.X.J.A. (Benoit) Tabone506-
Dr. J. (James) Trayford434-
Dr. M. (Mohammadjavad) Vakili5715841
Dr. L. (Livia) Vallini529-
Dr. J. (Jozsef) Varga1103-
MSc. (Tessa) Vossen455-
Dr. T.P.G. (Thomas) Wijnen11275818
Dr. W.L. (Wendy) Williams461-
Dr. S. (Schuyler) Wolff1127-