STRW local: Research associates

Research Associates

Click on a name to see the homepage. Click on the office number to find the location. Phone numbers are given as campus extensions. If needed, precede these extension numbers with +31-(0)71-527.

If you have any questions, please contact the Postdoc Ambassadors (Cristina Garcia Vergara, Lizette Guzman Ramirez, Daniel Harsono, Peter Mitchell) by sending an email to

Dr. F.J. (Francisco Javier) Alonso Floriano429-
Dr. Y. (Yannick) Bahe454-
Dr. J. (Jos) Boer, de11275916
Dr. M.X. (Maxwell Xu) Cai5688416
Dr. A. (Alessandra) Candian5295826
Dr. Y.A. (Yanett) Contreras Morales11228417
Dr. C.A. (Camila) Correa4358128
Dr. A.J. (Alexander James) Cridland5036380
Dr. K. (Kenneth) Duncan 5705593
Dr. G. (Gleb) Fedoseev516b-
Dr. C.J. (Cristina) Garcia Vergara5638438
Dr. L. (Lizette) Guzman Ramirez1122-
Dr. A. (Alvaro) Hacar Gonzalez5076278
Dr. D.S. (Daniel) Harsono11226284
Dr. D.S. (Daniel) Harsono5036284
Dr. J. (Jiao) He404-
Dr. A. (Arun) Kannawadi Jayaraman4296279
Dr. M. (Mher) Kazandjian5585860
Dr. P. (Patricia) Liebing5636424
Dr. M.V. (Michael) Maseda4358130
Dr. J. (Jeff) Meisner-8462
Dr. K.L. (Kelsey) Miller1127-
Dr. P.D. (Peter) Mitchell435-
Dr. P. (Paul) Molliere4298415
Dr. (Michael) Müller--
Dr. N. (Nadia) Murillo Mejias5078131
Dr. A.A. (Alexander) Mushtukov454-
Dr. S. (Sowgat) Muzahid438-
Dr. T. (Themiya) Nanayakkara464-
Dr. S. (Shota) Notsu508-
Dr. S. (Sylvia) Ploeckinger4358489
MSc. E.F. (Edwin) Retana Montenegro4708451
Dr. B. (Bruno) Ribeiro454-
Dr. A. (Andreas) Riedo5085815
Dr. G. (Giovanni) Rosotti5076283
Dr. M. (Matus) Rybak464-
Dr. M. (Matthieu) Schaller434-
Dr. A. (Alessandro) Sonnenfeld541-
Dr. M. (Mauro) Stefanon436-
Dr. N. (Nicolas) Suas-David508-
Dr. B.X.J.A. (Benoit) Tabone506-
Dr. J. (James) Trayford434-
Dr. M. (Mohammadjavad) Vakili5715841
Dr. L. (Livia) Vallini529-
Dr. J. (Jozsef) Varga1103-
MSc. (Tessa) Vossen535-
Dr. T.P.G. (Thomas) Wijnen568-
Dr. W.L. (Wendy) Williams461-
Dr. S. (Schuyler) Wolff1127-
Dr. A. (Aurelien) Wyttenbach551-