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The Observatory secretariat manages a number of facilities for Observatory inhabitants. Main contact for facilities is Monica Lamers, room Oort 465: or ☎ 5737.

Office keys
If you need an office key, contact or walk by the secretariat (Oort room 465).

Office equipment and stationary
For ordering replacement furniture / white board, etc. for your office, contact Eric van der Kraan: ☎ 8444 or

For questions about necessary repairs in offices, contact Monica Lamers:

The Observatory secretariat (room 465 Oort) has a supply of pens, pencils, notebooks, envelopes, staplers and staples, and the like.


Observatory offices have one landline connected telephone per room. If you have questions about your phone number or how activate or to log into the telephone, contact Monica Lamers:

Meetings & catering
The following meeting rooms can be booked by the secretariat.
- 531 (Oort room, Oort building 5th floor - collect key at the secretariat)
- 1104 (Huygens 11th floor - LU-card access only)
- 422 (Huygens 4th floor)
- 414 (Huygens 4th floor)

Please note that rooms 111 and 411 (computer class rooms) can only be booked via the Education Office:

If you need catering for your meeting, send a detailed request to, including SAP number. If you have questions regarding equipment in meeting rooms (beamers, conference phone, skype tool etc.), contact the Observatory IT group: Eric van der Kraan, ☎ 8444 or
A conference phone is available in the Oort room and HL1104.

Kaiser Lounge

It is the responsibility of all at the Observatory to keep the Kaiser Lounge tidy. This includes loading/unloading dishwasher and returning trays, cutlery and dishes to the Huygens canteen downstairs.

You can store food and drinks in the fridge. Please label your items with your name. Warning: items that have passed the expiration date will be removed and thrown away.

If you have a question about the pigeon holes, contact the secretariat:

Letters and packages

If you want to send a standard letter by regular mail, you can put it in the tray on the shelf in the large cupboard in the Kaiser Lounge. Make sure that you stick the Observatory barcode on the backside and the label with the return address on the front of your letter.

If you need to send a package by courier, contact the reception desk in the Huygens building (ground floor). Make sure you have a SAP number for the costs involved.

When the printer (4th floor Oort or 5th floor Huygens) is out of order (no paper / new toner), you can contact the secretariat As this is a faculty service, the secretaries need to send an email to the Science Service Desk.

Access to Oort/Huygens building / additional access rights
The regular opening hours of the Oort/Huygens building are: Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm.

If you need extra access to the building:
- Ask your supervisor for permission;
- You have participated in the Introduction session of the Faculty and you are aware of the safety procedures;
- Fill out a form to request additional access rights at the secretariat; (bring your LUCard). Extra access rights can be granted on institute level for access during work days until 11 pm, and in weekends between 8 am until 18 pm. If 24 hour-access is needed, this should be discussed with the institute manager, and additional approval of the form is needed from the faculty board.

Lactation rooms for nursing mums (“Kolfkamers”)
The Science Faculty has 3 private rooms that can be used by breastfeeding employees (access with LUCard).
- Snellius building - room 206A2
- Gorlaeus building - room EM 4.07
- LMUY (in Gorlaeus building) - room 10.21d and L112

You can ask the Service Desk of the Science Faculty (Gorlaeus 1st floor) to add one of these rooms to your LUCard.

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