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12:50LunchTalk Bert Vandenbroucke
(University of St-Andrews, UK)
Supporting the WIM -- RHD simulations of diffuse ionised gas high above the galactic disc
2018-08-1612:50LunchTalk Mohammad Akhlagi
(Lyon Observatory, part of the Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon (CRAL))
NoiseChisel and its parent GNU Astronomy Utilities: Noise-based detection and segmentation of galaxies.
2018-08-2312:50LunchTalk Christian Adam
(Universidad Catolica del Norte)
Clumpy dust clouds and extended atmosphere of the AGB star IKTau revealed with VLT/SPHERE-ZIMPOL

08-01 14:00 08-01 15:00HL414Own LEAPS Lecture
08-08 09:00 08-08 14:00HL414Own Presentation projects LEAPS Students
08-09 09:00 08-09 14:00HL414Own Presentation projects LEAPS students
08-31 16:00 08-31 17:00De SitterzaalOwn Bachelordiplomauitreiking

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