STRW local: Colloquia


Neutron star dynamics

Date: 25-01-2018
Time: 16:00 h
Author: Mehmet Ali Alpar

Coupling of the neutron star interior to the rotational dynamics of the observed crust is modelled by studying pulsar glitches and postglitch relaxation. The dynamics of the interior and its involvement has to taken into account for extracting any information on the external torque, like the true braking index of pulsars. For nonlinear coupling of the interior, the effects are not over within some relaxation time after a glitch and have to be taken into account right before the next glitch. In radio pulsars the external torque is constant through the glitches and dynamical timescales. Recently we obtained a solution to neutron star dynamics for both linear and nonlinear coupling of the neutron star interior and for arbitrary time dependent external torques. So now we have a model that can be applied to neutron stars in binaries and to magnetars to extract the variations of the external torque from the observed time series of the neutron star crust rotation.