STRW local: Colloquia


Chemistry of Planet Formation

Date: 01-11-2018
Time: 11:00 h
Author: Karin Öberg

The past decades have revealed that planets are incredibly common in our Galaxy. Among this wealth of exoplanets there is an especially interesting subset: temperate, rocky planets that may be suitable for life. The likelihood that such planets contain water and the building blocks of a life, i.e. that they are chemically habitable, can be addressed by considering the chemical environment of the protoplanetary disks where planets assemble. The arrival of ALMA has provided observational access to these environments, revealing snowlines, complex organic molecules, and curious chemical gradients across the planet and comet forming regions in disks. In parallel, astrochemistry models and laboratory experiments are providing new clues on the origins of these chemical disk sub-structures. I will present some of our latest observational and laboratory discoveries on the chemistry of protoplanetary disks, and discuss how this chemistry might shape the outcome of planet formation.