STRW local: Colloquia


Towards Understanding Black Hole Accretion and Jet Launching

Date: 02-05-2019
Time: 11:00 h
Author: Monika Moscibrodzka

One and three millimeter Very Long Baseline Interferometry experiments are constructing the first ever images of the event horizon and the plasma flow in the immediate vicinity of the supermassive black holes at the centers of Milky Way and M87 galaxies. Hence, a detailed theoretical understanding of black hole astrophysics is now very crucial and timely to interpret these observations. In particular, high performance numerical simulations give us insight into how these black hole inflows and outflows work and look like. In this talk, I will present recent general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics simulations of black hole accretion flows with jets. My focus will be on modeling polarimetric properties of light produced in synchrotron processes in very strong gravitational field near the black hole event horizon. This polarized component of light gives us insights into the magnetic field geometry and dynamics at the event horizon, which are important keys to understand the jet launching process.