Science day 2023

Venue: Sitterzaal


12.00 Walk-in lunch
13.00 - Welcome
13:10Richelle van CapelleveenFuture of Observatory Seminars
13.15 Newcomers Jamboree
14.00 Alessia RotaZooming in onto the inner regions of planet forming disks with ALMA
14.20 Shun-Sheng LiCosmic tomography: From KiDS to Euclid
14.40Coffee/tea break
15.10 Roi KugelThe FLAMINGO project
15.30 Piyush ShardaStar formation and the initial mass function
15.50 Lucie RowlandDiscovery of a dynamically cold disc galaxy at z=7.3
16.10 Matthew KenworthyWhen worlds collide! (Probably)
16.30 Borrel

Jamboree Lineup

1Natalie Grasser
2Daming Yang
3Darío González Picos
4Katarzyna (Kasia) Dutkowska
5Rob McGibbon
6Danilo Albergaria
7Marie Van de Sande
8Yuming Fu
9Pengyu Liu
10Stefano Bellotti
11Yunhao Zhang
12Aniruddh Herle
13Paola Martire
14Andrew Sellek
15Victor Forouhar
16Mijin Yoon
17Shuyu Wang
18Bianca Sersante
19Keqin Zhao
20Martje Slob
21Beth Westoby

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